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The Winter is like summer in Homosassa, FL

Jack and I have been living in Florida since the 6th of December. We have become the quintessential "Snowbirds" enjoying our lives in a warmer climate, while the North hosts snow and freezing weather. We have enjoyed getting to know our surrounding area, which has a wonderful assortment of natural beauty.

It is not unusual to see a tortoise getting some sun in the greenway in our cul-de-sac. They are reported to dig their homes in the sandy soil, where they live, undisturbed, usually with a mouse. If the tortoise leaves the burrow, locals say, a snake moves in the hole and eats the mouse.

We have also seen an armadillo, a HUGE raccoon, and several pests, including the infamous "no-see-em", which you feel, but never see, as it stings.

The local Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park is home to Alligators, birds, bears, and visits by water from Manatees, hoping to find the warm waters of the Homosassa River. Here are just a few of the images we have taken there.

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