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Trinity Art & Design Gallery LLC - CLOSED

This year has not been quite as we, or anyone else, for that matter, could have ever imagined. With the COVID-19 Virus, closing down traditional businesses, and preventing artists from marketing their art at exhibits, galleries, and other social events, we have decided to discontinue our on-line Store.

It hasn't helped that income has been greatly affected at all economic levels. It is difficult enough for people to buy the necessities of life, if they can find them, much less purchase works of art to decorate their homes.

It is, for this reason, that Jack and I have decided to close our current business, Trinity Art & Design Gallery LLC., and suspend sales, through our Website to wait until this pandemic is over. We are determined to regroup and start anew, at some point in the future, now that we reside in Florida.

Thank you to all our potential customers for visiting our website. We will continue to add to the gallery section as new work is ready to post. We ask that you "stay tuned" for our comeback, once it is safe, to carry-on business transactions again.

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